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This collection began with the design of the AKAYA (home: Xi-tsonga) Lounge Chair during the long and difficult Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 in South Africa. A year later and we are elated to reveal a new 24 piece collection created along with an amazing local community of makers, designers and craft people.


The aim and purpose of this collection to illustrate through design, colour, texture, form, line and feeling that the idea of home is not a physical place, but rather a feeling of warmth, comfort, peace and a sanctuary for our dreams and hopes.


This home grown collection comprises of sculptural lights, ceramics & candles, soft seating in the form of a generous couch and architecturally inspired ottoman, a modern take on an old school quilt and a beautifully crafted mirror piece. All the pieces have names that are inspired by the ideas of home in a multitude of languages from the Continent.

As a brand we believe in telling African stories through design and with that belief this collection's forms, textures, lines and colour palette are all inspired by vernacular African architecture from Nigeria and Cameroon to Niger and Mali.The rounded forms and relief details of the Musgum clay houses in Cameroon inspired our Oku hut candles available in Vanilla and sweet orange scents in collaboration with Okra Candles, In addition these organic forms have inspired the forms and pattern play of our Zorora quilt in collaboration with the local fabric house; The Mill fabrics.

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